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Date Fixture Highlights
27th April Devizes   v Langford/Shrewton Cancelled - Waterlogged pitch
Devizes - WYL D2 South 
04th May Langford/Shrewton   v South Wilts 2 Game cancelled-Ground waterlogged.
Shrewton - WYL D2 South 
11th May Trowbridge   v Langford/Shrewton Game cancelled -Waterloggd ground.
Trowbridge - WYL D2 South 
01st June Marlborough   v Langford/Shrewton Jacques Kinnison 31
Marlborough - WYL D2 South219 for4, 89 ao
08th June Redlynch & Hale   v Langford/Shrewton
Redlynch - WYL D2 South313 for 4, 26 ao
22nd June Langford/Shrewton   v Devizes Devizes unable to raise a team.
Shrewton - WYL D2 South 
13th July South Wilts 2   v Langford/Shrewton SW won by forfitt
South Wilts - WYL D2 South 
27th July Langford/Shrewton   v Trowbridge Trowbridge won by forfitt
Shrewton - WYL D2 South 
03rd August Langford/Shrewton   v Marlborough SL won by forfitt
Shrewton - WYL D2 South 
31st August Langford/Shrewton   v Redlynch & Hale Redlynch won by forfeit
Langford - WYL D2 South 
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