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Date Fixture Highlights
02nd May Steeple Langford   v South Newton G Smith 41, Matt De Pass 3-23,
OSICL105ao, 107-5
09th May Steeple Langford   v Fovant J Hamblin 3-0 (hat trick!), L Stephens 3-17, T Bennett 50*, G Smith 28
OSICL133-4, 129ao
16th May Shrewton   v Steeple Langford Match cancelled - Waterlogged
23rd May Chalke Valley   v Steeple Langford G Smith 2-15, L Harvey 2-18, A Lloyd 42*, G Smith 31
OSICL107-6, 112-2
30th May Steeple Langford   v Boscombe Down C Mundy 51* & 2-3, A Lloyd 50*, S Ford 41, J Hamblin 4-14
OSICL187-3, 111-7
06th June Amesbury   v Steeple Langford Match cancelled - Waterlogged
13th June Steeple Langford   v Berwick A Lloyd 49* & 4-19, J Hamblin 2-23
OSICL148-5, 145ao
20th June Chalke Valley   v Steeple Langford C Mundy 42*, N Partridge 33
OSICL - CUP KO139-3, 140-5
27th June South Newton   v Steeple Langford Match cancelled - Waterlogged
04th July Fovant   v Steeple Langford L Emm 18
OSICL161-5, 94ao
11th July Steeple Langford   v Shrewton Match cancelled - Waterlogged
18th July Steeple Langford   v Chalke Vallley M De Pass 31*, S Ford 27, T Bennett 22, L Stephens 20*
OSICL150-7, 149-2
25th July Boscombe Down   v Steeple Langford A Lloyd 4-9, N Partridge 3-9, L Harvey 26*
OSICL64ao, 66-0
01st August Steeple Langford   v Amesbury A Lloyd 52*, N Partridge 2-11
OSICL129-4, 102-4
08th August Berwick   v Steeple Langford Langford win on run rate after 10 overs - A Lloyd 2-18, D Harvey 2-26
OSICL109-6, 64-4
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