Presentation Night Celebrates Success!

31st October 2010

Last night, players, officials, fans and sponsors of Steeple Langford CC gathered at the Rainbow on the Lake to celebrate the achievements of the club during 2010. Andy Foyle (chairman) did his usual speech - summing up the successful season which saw the 1st XI go unbeaten! He thanked everyone for the efforts they had put in and even talked about his hopes for the future which included a second straight promotion for the 1st XI! After this, the following awards were dished out: 1st XI Batsman - Nick Mundy 1st XI Bowler - Luke Stephens 1st XI All Rounder - Gary Smith 1st XI Players' Player - Luke Stephens 2nd XI Batsman - Darren Harvey 2nd XI Bowler - Darren Harvey 2nd XI All Rounder - Darren Harvey 2nd XI Players' Player - Clive Perry Sunday All Rounder - Adam McNeilly Midweek Performance - Phil Tompkins Clubman - Dave Moscrop Hole in the Hand - Liam Burnell After such a successful season, we also had 100 ties and hat-trick balls to present to the following players: 100 Ties - Nick Fiddy, Nick Mundy, Stuart Partridge, Darren Harvey, Clive Perry Hat-Trick Balls - Stuart Partridge, Nick Fiddy, Luke Stephens, Tom Dhanji Darren Harvey was also presented with a flying pig - we always though pigs would fly before Tammy scored a century!!! The night was concluded with food, banter and a raffle. We now look forward to next season - lets hope it is as good as the one that has just past us by!