Extra colts evening planned for Wednesday 6th July

The planned 10 weeks coaching sessions come to an end this Wednesday 29th June. I hope everyone has enjoyed the sessions and remain keen to continue playing cricket. As a thank you for good attendance and behaviour the committee has decided to hold a colts fun cricket festival on the following Wednesday the 6th July. We would like to invite all U9, 11 and 13's to turn up and join in. We intend to mix up everyone into even teams called after an International country. Members of the U15's will manage the teams and hopefully umpire and score giving the coaches an evening off! Rules will be Kwik cricket played with a tennis ball. We will be playing several games at once around the field. Could I ask that we aim for 6:15 start or as close as we can so hopefully we get organised and start at 6:30 never having done this before we are not too sure how long it will take. Enjoy. Regards Andy