Message from Andy Bennett


Evening all, it is with great pride that I can confirm after our max points win on Saturday that I've done the maths and the 1sts are now guaranteed promotion with 1 game still to go :) If results go our way this coming Saturday we could even win the league as it's very tight between the top 3, of which we are second. A big thank you to everyone that has played for both the 1sts and 2nds as there were a couple of games we were particularly short - so even if you've only played once or twice you've contributed in some way. With this in mind, I owe a big thank you to Rob Emm who has helped me no end to ensure I've had the strongest team possible at the expense of the 2nds. So, weather permitting, we will be having a BBQ after the last league game this Saturday and everyone is invited. This includes all players and their partners, kids and family, whether it be Saturdays, Sundays or Tuesdays along with colts and their parents. Let's have a great last Saturday, I think we all deserve it!!!